BDBD is 1 Chronicles 16:37-43

The Lord God thru Moses required the Israelites to establish a place for them to approach him physically and offer sacrifice. He had the ark built and a tent to place the ark in. The Lord thru Moses also established specific people, the men of the Levite tribe to perform the sacrifices and keep up the place where the Israelites were to meet.

David chose one Levite, Asaph to be the high priest (37). He served at the Ark of the Lord in Jerusalem. The high priest lead the other priest and performed a few important specific annual offerings.

David also chose others to work with Asaph (38). David also chose Zadok the priest to serve at the tabernacle at Mount Gibeon not far from Jerusalem until Solomon, David’s son finished the temple in Jerusalem (39-41). The tabernacle of the Lord was a tent where the Israelites were to meet with the Lord.

The work of the Lord is important “for his love endures forever” (42). A daily time to thank God for his enduring love for me is right and good. For me, it is in the morning writing Bible Daily Bread Devotionals. Having a routine and being organized makes doing so easier and more peaceful. Working with others weekly on special occasions like Sundays and other special days is also important.