BDBD is 1 Chronicles 15

This is also recorded in 2 Samuel 6:1-15.

David knew that the Ark of the Lord that housed the covenant was to be in the capital city of the Lord God’s people. David wanted the symbol of the Lord’s presence to be near him. So a second time he gathered the community together to accomplish the task (1). This time he was going to do it in the way the Lord told Moses it was to be done (2). The Levites were to do it (11). So they had to prepare themselves as the Lord prescribed (12).

One of the things that the Levites were sure to do was to sing and play musical instruments (16, 19). Music has always been and always should be an important part of my worship. The Lord created music. He created men and women with an appreciation for and the ability to express ourselves in melody and rhythm.

During my teenage years, I played percussion; snare drum, drum set, and other instruments. I also occasionally sang. These things I always greatly enjoyed. I have thought of using these talents in a church setting. I was part of a choir for a while. Now after many years, I have accepted the call to use the percussion talent during Sunday service. May the Lord help me do so with the best acceptable form.

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