BDBD is 1 Chronicles 11:4-9

David concurring Jerusalem is also in 2 Samuel 5:6-16.

When David was crowned king of Israel in the city of Hebron he was starting anew. He had lived in the remote desert city of Ziglak When Saul died he moved to Hebron where Judah make him king of their tribe. Seven years and six months later all Israel make him king. The Lord was enabling David to slowly improve his life (9).

David, the new king of Israel needed a new capital city to rule from. Partly being a military man for many years he decided to take the fortress city Jebus. When the Lord enabled him to achieve it he renamed it Jerusalem (4).

Partly being a man of faith David may have known that Mt. Zion and Mt. Moriah, the mountains this city was on was the location that Abraham in faith offered his son Jacob as a sacrifice to the Lord (though the Lord stopped Abraham). Also, Melchizedek the priest of the Most High God was from the city, then called Salem (Genesis 14:18).

Partly being an administrator David chose Jebus because it was centrally located. David made it easy for the people to come to him and for him to quickly go to any border to defend the nation.

As the Lord enables me to make small improvements in my life I need to ask and answer questions. Will this decision make my life and my family’s life safer? Is this decision good for my relationship with God? Does this decision make practical administrative sense?

Taking the city was not easy (5-6). Yet it was well worth it. This is where God wanted Israel’s capital city to be. This is where the Lord wanted his king to rule from. Most importantly, this is where the Lord would rule his people from.

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