BDBD is 1 Chronicles 11:10-47

David’s mighty men are also in 2 Samuel 23:8-39.

The Lord had promised David kingship when he was a young teenager. The Lord had promised Israel that he would protect his people with strong support (10). The Lord kept his promise through David.

David did not accomplish and maintain strong support for Israel on his own. He had a group of men appointed as leaders of the army. The leaders of men were assigned based on their ability and courage. None of David’s brothers, cousins or uncles were given special places. When a man proved himself David gave him rank.

A great leader doesn’t need to be skilled in everything. He only needs to have at least one great skill. Recognize the gift, skill, and potential that God gives someone else and place them in the right position so that gift can be used for God’s greater good. David had this skill.

Three of David’s showed great devotion to David (15-19). They risked their lives to bring David a drink of water. David poured it out because he recognized that he is not worthy of such devotion and makes the water a drink offering to the Lord. A great leader does not desire self-glory and adoration. A great leader seeks others to admire the Lord’s glory and gives the Lord adoration.

David was a great leader. Yet, Jesus is the best example of a leader. He appointed others to carry out the work of the gospel. Jesus was subject to God his Father and showed his followers how to respect his Father. He chose twelve and trained them. Each had a skill that was best for a specific task. No two were alike. Jesus also did not show favor to his brothers.