BDBD is 1 Chronicles 10

1 Samuel 13 also records Saul’s death.

Saul had been called from ordinary life to be the first king of Israel. The only extraordinary attribute he had was that he was taller than most. He was not a man of faith. He was the type of man Israel wanted when they asked the Lord to give them a king like the other nations.

Saul was unfaithful to the Lord (13). He did not keep the word of the Lord (13). He did whatever he believed was best for himself. From a human point of view, he was successful. Yet his character shortcomings led him to pursue unwise things.

Saul did not pray (14). He did not seek the Lord. He even consulted a medium for guidance (13; 1 Sam. 28:3-15). His lack of faith and trust in the Lord led to his suicide (4).

Life gets hard often. There are times that all looks so unbearable. It seems waves of despair and disaster endlessly pound on us like waves coming to a hurricane beach. We feel worthless. We give want to give up. It is times like these that a soul’s character is tested. Will I trust God? Will I believe in his grace and mercy? Will I do the right thing? Saul did not do the right thing because he relied on himself. He had not made himself a custom to seeking God in all situations, whether bad or good. When tested he sank in his self-reliance.