BDBD if Proverb 13:5

The newest public opinion is to know ourselves and celebrate it with pride. The underlying popular belief is that somewhere in the existence of every person is a core basic identity that we have to find. The pure and real identity that this person is according to modern thought is not made by the influence of others. The identity just sits there in our souls, so some people believe and we have to find it and be proud of it.

A slightly different view is the nurture and nature theory. A long-standing debate in biology and sociality about the balance between two competing factors that determine fate and identity: genetics and environment is called nurture and nature theory. This belief is that others influence our self-identity (nurture) and yet our physiological being is who we are (nature).

Views about id seem to ignore God and our relationship with him. The righteous relationship with God molds id into the character of Christ Jesus and he is truth. So naturally the righteous hate what is false. Having a hostile relationship with God is embracing wickedness which brings shame and disgrace to the id. That which is Stephen is influenced by my reaction to God as much as nurture, nature, and the identity that sits in my soul.